Why Is Business So Slow Right Now? 5 Summer Blues Local Businesses Face

why is business so slow right now? 5 summer blues local businesses face

Everyone loves summertime. The sun is shining, the sky is clear, and exotic, faraway places are just calling your name. Though the summer season is typically a time of celebration for adults and children alike, for many local businesses sometimes there isn’t always that much to cheer about.

Unless you were fortunate enough to set up shop in a beach town, the summer months can bring with it a huge lag in business. The “summer slow months” can be tough for local business owners. They can really feel the burn. Have you ever found yourself wondering: why is business so slow right now? You're not alone. But before we can truly correct the problem, we first need to understand why. Why is this happening?

Here are the 5 biggest summer blues summer business owners deal with--

1. Your Customers are Away on Vacation

The summer is hands down the most popular time to take a vacation. The weather is nice, work is more laid back, the kids are home from school -- conditions could not be anymore perfect. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that close to 60% of Americans plan to take a summer vacation. Additionally, roughly 42% of vacationers plan on being away for a week’s time or longer.

While that’s all well and good, what does that mean for your business? Your customers aren’t going to be around to pay you a visit. If you’re witnessing a slow in business it’s because the majority of your customers are too busy taking the sun in places like Bermuda, Aruba, or Costa Rica.

2. Your Customers are Saving Money for Their Vacation

Vacations are great, but they’re certainly not cheap. So, a lot of your customers are going to be locking up their purses and wallets tight. They’ll be looking to save up or recover from their expensive trips. Unfortunately, the first things that will get cut from their budget are the “luxuries.” So, unless you provide a local service that customers NEED you’re going to start noticing your calendar looking pretty barren.

3. Your Customers Would Much Rather Spend Their Time Outdoors

During the summer months the last thing your customers want is to be indoors. Everything they have to take care off that requires them to stay indoors is a chore. They want to be on a bike ride, at the park, or on the beach. When it comes to stopping by your business, customers are going to be much more likely to wait it out. For example, if you own a salon and customers typically come in on a biweekly basis for touch-ups, don’t be surprised if during the summer months those customers start returning every three to four weeks instead. Summer customers only come in when they absolutely must.

4. Your Customers are Going to be Much Harder to Get in Touch With

During any season, sometimes getting in touch with your customers can be a feat. However, during the summertime it can be that much more frustrating. As we’ve established, customers are busy spending time with friends, family and having fun in the sun. That holds the focus of their attention. So, the chances of them checking your website, emails and social accounts prompting them to come in for a visit are going to be that much slimmer.

5. Your Employees Will Also be Taking Vacation Time

This one doesn’t necessarily cause business to be slow for your business BUT it does sort of put a limitation on the amount of customers your business can actually handle. Just like your customers, your employees are going to be looking to go on vacation. That means they are all going to be looking to request off, leaving your business with very limited hands on deck.


Have a slightly better idea as to why business can be so slow during the summer months? Look out for our followup post next Monday addressing how to remedy these summer blues! In the meantime... see how Frederick can help your local business out, today! 

                       why is business so slow right now? 5 summer blues local businesses face

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