You'll Want This: Fill Last Minute Openings with Automatic Text Message Marketing

text message marketing

When you leave the house...what’s something you never leave without? Keys? Sure. Wallet? Of course. Phone. NEVER! Your phone is by your side during every moment of your day. Mobile devices have become such a major part of our society (big surprise here!) and we’ve all come to the point in our lives where we’re unable to function without them.

Lucky for you, there’s a great way to take advantage of society’s incessant need to be within reach of their smartphones, at all hours of the day: text message marketing. With about 3.5 billion texts messages being sent and received on a daily basis, it’s easy to see why text message marketing is the next big frontier for marketing channels. 

With the highest open rates, and the ability to send out short and effective messaging, small businesses have a lot to gain from the utilization of text messages -- especially when it comes to filling in those last minute openings at your business. Between no-shows and last minute cancellations, filling in empty slots can be a real pain in the -- well, you get the point. 

Not anymore. 

Awesome--how do I get my business set up? 

With Frederick’s automatic text message marketing, you’ll be able to not only fill in those pesky last-minute openings but book more appointments and grow your revenue. Frederick will automatically help you build an opt-in list and target the right clients that actually want to hear from you. 

How does this work? 

With your very own trackable phone number that you can advertise on your website, Yelp profile, and any other place your business is listed -- Frederick will do the heavy lifting for figuring out who to contact via text messaging. 

Don’t worry, your number will automatically forward to your normal business number! 

text message marketing

After clients call you or come in for an appointment, Frederick will send out a “thank you” text that will then ask whether they would like to opt-in to receive special offers and notifications for last minute openings. This is where we weed out the customers that prefer not to be texted! 

From there, only the clients that haven’t been visiting regularly but have signed up to receive these notifications will then get targeted messages giving them the opportunity to book again with your business using special rates, all set by you. 

How would it look for your clients? Using the link texted over with the offer, your clients will be able to simply redeem their offer through a sleek mobile booking interface. 

You're right, I want this! 

It takes minutes to set up and you’ll see results in no time! Don’t believe us? Try our free trial and give it a shot.

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