Your Appointment Book is the Key to Killing Slow Days

Your appointment book is the very essence of your business. It’s what you use to organize, operate, and manage all aspects of the small business you poured your entire heart and soul into. Besides being the hub of all the important information of your business, like the contact information of your customers, all appointments and schedules, and your staff preferences and customer purchasing histories -- your appointment book can also help you combat your s l o w days.

Your super powerful appointment book is the key to keeping your business going through those lazy days of the summer, when it almost feels like it’s so slow that even you should just shut down and take a long vacation.

Never again. Your appointment book is here to save you from shuttering your doors during the summer and bring more of your customers through the door.

Step 1: Identifying Lost Customers:

Now, we’re not saying lost in the literal sense, we mostly mean those customers that haven’t visited in quite some time. While it might take time to manually go through your appointment book to see whether customers have visited your business recently or not, it’s worth it to see whether you can fill up your empty appointments with their return visits.

Your existing customers spend 67% more than those new to a business so you want to make sure you’re bringing those existing customers back to your business.

Step 2: Contact those Lost Customers

Now that you’ve identified the customers that you need to bring back to your business, you’ve got to get in touch with them. What’s the best method for this? Use those nifty contact details you’ve gathered from your customers and put them to work.

There are 3 possible ways to contact your customers:

  1. Phone
  2. Email
  3. Text

We’ve done some research around this, check out the best methods for contacting your customers here! (Hint hint: there’s a major power behind text messages)

Step 3: Seal the Deal

Make sure you bringing them in with a sweet deal. Either offer them a special discount, or tell them about a recent promotion, or create some limited time offers. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s enough to entice your customers to come back. 

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