Your Online Presence: Think You've Done it All?

Besides it being 2016 and the fact that you don’t live in a cave (as far as I know), I know you know how important it is to have an online presence. 97% of people search for services on the Internet without ever stepping foot into a store so you want your name out there. Word of mouth isn’t enough anymore, advertisements in the local paper definitely don’t cut it, and your sad flyers are only creating extra trash.

BUT. You knew this.

So, let’s take you on a little online presence tour to make sure you’re as covered as possible when it comes to your online footprint. If there’s something you’ve missed, don’t worry, we’ll help you fix it!

Your Online Presence Checklist:

► Website:

This is basic and this is necessary. You’ve got to make sure you’ve carved out a space for yourself online in the form of a proper website for your small business. In this website you can include important information regarding your business such as your contact information, business offerings, eCommerce, and booking button. With a website, you’ll gain greater online search visibility, build authority and establish trust, and have the added ability of building an email database.

No on board yet? Click here.

Think you’ve got a great website? Click here.

► Online Directories:

Online directories literally exist to help local businesses get discovered by prospective customers. Don’t scoff at the importance of online directories, 54% of Americans have substituted the Internet and local search for phone books. That number is just going to keep growing; it’s time to stop fighting it.

While getting listed on online directories, you’re also opening up the door for online reviews. Online reviews are great for your business. They help promote repeat business, they help you gauge your performance, and help to draw in new customers.

So, are you listed on Google?

How about Yelp?

Learn how here!

► Social:

Social media has more than just blown up; it’s become an integral part to any business whether they’re small or large. In fact, 78% of small businesses are now getting at least a quarter of their new customers via social media.

Have you set up your Facebook page?

What about your Twitter page?

Think Instagram is for you?

We’ve got all the tools to guide you through it!

So, there are the heavy hitters of your online presence. Think you’ve got it all figured out?


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